On the Job with Dennis Hits the Road at the Martial Way in Downtown Ishpeming for a LIVE Broadcast on 103.3 The Country Extreme

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On the Job with Dennis LIVE from Cleveland Avenue in Downtown Ishpeming at the Martial Way from Noon to 2pm on 103.3 The Country Extreme

Listen to Dennis on 103.3 WFXD The Country Extreme Monday-Saturday Weekly

On the Job with Dennis on 103.3 WFXD

Ishpeming, Michigan — Come meet Master Sadowski and the fighters of the  Martial Way during their Grand Re-Opening in Downtown Ishpeming! The ONLY undefeated MMA gym in Michigan. Today (Friday) from Noon til 6pm on Cleveland Street in Ishpeming! See what the Martial Way can do for your training needs! There will be tattoos, prizes, and Dennis will be live from Noon to 2pm on 103.3 The Country Extreme!

The Martial Way, Michigan’s ONLY undefeated MMA gym is having a Grand Re-Opening today from Noon til 6pm! Come out and meet the fighters, and see how Master Sadowski can help YOU! This is your chance to meet some world ranked MMA fighters at the Martial Way, in downtown Ishpeming, TODAY!

Master Sadowski had some of his fighters demonstrate their training techniques during the re-opening hours. Emily “5-0” Rady paired off with AManda “White Widow ” Rose to work on grappling techniques; Eric and Constantine worked on ground game dominance positioning and Missy Pontbriand!!!

Missy “The Mantis” Pontbriand works on her striking game with Coach Jim Goloversic at The Martial Way grand re-opening!!!!

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