Blast Smells Into Your Nose with the New Sony Nose Buds!

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What would you like to smell?

2/13/2013 (Courtesy — NEW YORK—Hailing the product as a revolution in smelling technology, Sony released its sleek new line of nose buds Monday, which will allow consumers to blast a variety of scents directly into their nostrils whenever and wherever they please.

The new Sony Nasal HD-340s, which retail for $49.99, have been designed to comfortably fit into users’ nostrils and are said to rely on advanced olfactory technology to deliver a wide array of high-quality aromas, including lavender, fresh-baked bread, tennis ball, Fourth of July barbecue, and public pool, offering each user a highly personalized smelling experience.

What do YOU think? I could totally dig this!

-Eric Scott

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