Afternoons on 103-FXD with Eric Scott

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Marquette, Michigan — You’ve come to know Eric Scott as the host of All American Mornings on 103-FXD over the past year. I’ve decided that I’m not a morning man…really, I’m more of an afternoon kinda guy. I appreciate you listening every morning on 103-FXD. My colleague Joe has decided he’s more of a morning man than myself. Joe will now host mornings on 103-FXD!

Beginning today I’m now your new host of afternoons on 103-FXD. We’ll start with your requests, top it off with Kubota Trivia brought to you by Michigan Sales & Equipment in Marquette, and, lastly, your Doosan Dedication brought to you by Midway Rentals and Sales.

Call in your requests this afternoon at 227-8888 or email I’m looking forward to hearing from you afternoons on 103-FXD!

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