The Experience of Online Dating…Does it Work??

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Online Dating...does it work?

Online Dating…does it work?

4/4/2013 Marquette, Michigan — It’s not often I speak of my experiences of online dating, so consider yourself lucky! Pull up a seat and get ready for this. Recently, a friend of mine asked me how my experiences have been going with online dating. I looked straight at him and said “NOT GOOD, is online dating a joke?”

That brings me to my rant on online dating. I’m a busy guy, and decided a couple years ago to try the online dating experience. Hell, I know a couple who met online. Why not try it? After 2 years, I got close (didn’t meet in person, but were serious online) with about 4 women. Chatting for hours on the phone, continuous texting, and countless messages on Facebook. Over the years I’ve signed up for at least 6 different online dating sites.

As a matter of fact, within one month of the very first site I signed up for at least 70 women wanted to meet me. You’d think with results like that I’d actually meet someone in person, right? WRONG. Granted, a majority of the women lived across the country so distance was another issue.

I’m not suggesting online dating isn’t for you. I’m merely pointing out the fact of my frustrations and how people tend to ruin online dating for others. In other words, if you’re not serious about online dating, please don’t do it. Apparently a majority of the women I’ve talked to weren’t serious about a relationship. Otherwise I’d probably be in one…

Result: It hasn’t worked well for me. Maybe it did for you?

-Eric Scott

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