So Apparently My Neighbors Think I Snore Too Loud

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My neighbors think I snore too loud.

My neighbors think I snore too loud.

Marquette, Michigan — A knock on my door Saturday afternoon revealed a neighbor who thought I snore too loud and made a complaint directly to me. The neighbor (whom I’ve never even met before) had the nerve to tell me that they thought I snore too loud, and they were certain it’s me!

I’ve been on this planet for many years, have had countless nights of rest, and this was a first! I was even more amazed that the neighbor was certain it was me…WOW! The neighbor said to me “You know you snore really loud!” I answered with “Well, if I knew I snored loud, I wouldn’t snore at all!”

I live in a apartment complex with people all around me, so how could this neighbor be certain it was me?!?! I guess I’ll have to find out if I really do snore loudly. This is embarrassing, but entertaining. I guess you could say I’m getting to meet my neighbors…

-Eric Scott