I Think I Need a Shovel

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I think I need to invest in a shovel

I think I need to invest in a shovel

4/12/2013 Marquette, Michigan — I think I need to invest in a shovel! Much to my surprise, when I walked out of my apartment this morning I found a 2 foot drift of snow on my car! I’m going to have to say this is probably the biggest drift I’ve ever found on my car…

Since I don’t have a shovel, I just used my hands. WOW, what a job! I was literally sweating when I was done cleaning the 2 foot drift of snow off my car. This wasn’t expected despite the fact that I knew we were in for a lot of snow last night.

Keep in mind this is the wet and heavy snow. Tonight after work I’m going to invest a few dollars into a shovel. Never again shall I get caught off guard. Take that snow…

-Eric Scott

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