Are Your “Friends” Sending You Suspicious Emails?

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4/16/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Have you been receiving the same suspicious emails from “friends” of yours on

Social Media sites

Watch out for suspicious emails from Facebook “friends”

Facebook that I’ve been receiving? As of several weeks ago, I’ve been getting emails from “friends” asking me to send them dirty pictures, and vice versa. First of all, I haven’t talked to some of these “friends” in months, and, second, why would they send an email out of the blue asking me to send dirty pictures, or sending me suspicious links?

The conclusion: It’s all spam. I realized this from the start. If you get an email from a “friend” of yours on Facebook, look out! They’ve really been circulating all over the place, or so I’m told. I’m not the only one having this problem. Don’t be fooled by these…especially when they’re sent in someone’s name (that you may know) asking you to click on a suspicious link. I’ll talk more about this during the FXD Drive this afternoon on 103-FXD!

Look out!

-Eric Scott

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