Automobile Insurance and the Big Scam

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Insurance is a scam

Insurance is a scam

4/17/2013 Marquette, Michigan — On Monday I received a letter from my automobile insurance company (who will remain anonymous) that my premium jumped nearly $20/per month. In pure frustration, I called my insurance company to find out what was behind this rather big increase. I called them on Tuesday night to confirm exactly what the deal was.

I was told by the representative on the other end the reason for my increase in my premium was due to me moving to Marquette in a “high risk” area. Hmmph, high risk!?! This was news to me. I’m paying nearly $20/per month more because I’m much closer to everything? I lived in Ishpeming and commuted to Marquette daily for 10 years and now suddenly I drive less than 2 miles to my destination and I’m “high risk?” That makes perfect sense, now I get it….

Insurance is nothing more than a scam.

-Eric Scott

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