The Joys of Nieces and Nephews

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4/22/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Recently my nephew turned two years old. With

Eric Scott is one proud Uncle!

Eric Scott is one proud Uncle!

that being said, my nephew had quite a birthday party last weekend. Over 45 friends and relatives packed the location where we had the party. This past Saturday night during American Country Gold with Elmer Aho on 103-FXD, Elmer sent out a very special song for my nephew for his special day. The song was “How To Talk To a Little Baby Goat.”

Shortly after my nephew heard the song, he started reciting the words “How To Talk To a Little Baby Goat” and couldn’t stop! My family and I got quite a kick out of this! My nephew is a smart little guy. At two years old, he already knows his ABC’s, can count to 20, and repeats almost every word you say. I realize this is tipical for most young children. And, as I always say, make sure you watch what you say around the youngsters. You never know when big ears just might be listening!

Uncle Eric is one proud Uncle.

-Eric Scott

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