Gray Hair at the Age of 28…Just Great

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4/25/2013 Marquette, Michigan — While looking myself in the mirror on Wednesday evening, I happened to

Gray Hair at the Age of 28...UGH!

Gray Hair at the Age of 28…UGH!

look at the left side of my head and noticed a patch of gray hair. I had to look 3 times to come to the reality of what I was actually looking at. I thought to myself, could this be signs of stress? Could it be genetics? I’m usually not under much stress, so I was shocked. I have quite a head of hair, and my hair is black so it really did stand out.

I didn’t have tweezers to pull out the gray hair, so I just grabbed a wrench. Did a fine job! I’m 28 years old and going gray. If you’re older, and you’re going gray too, think about it…it could be worse. You could be going gray like yours truly at such a young age. Oh well, I may have to consider dying my hair if it continues down this path…

-Eric Scott

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