The Garbage That’s Left Behind When the Snow Melts

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Trash Along Road - YUCK

Trash Along Road – YUCK

5/9/2013 Marquette, Michigan — While riding my bike to the radio station this morning I stumbled across A LOT of garbage along side the road. Behind the Westwood Mall, along Werner Street, and in places where the snow banks were 15 feet high. I stumbled across CD’s, Gloves, tons of fast food bags, and a lot of unidentifiable objects. It made for an interesting trek to work!

It’s quite amazing every year that when the snow melts you run across someone’s junk. A couple weeks ago I took a short drive to Western Marquette County. I seen more garbage along side the road than I’ve probably ever seen before. I guess you just never know what you might find. It could be worth taking a stroll along side the road to see what objects were left behind during the winter months….could be yours?

-Eric Scott

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