Was I In Heaven This Morning?

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5/15/2013 Marquette, Michigan — This morning I woke up to something very strange. There was an extremely bright light in my bedroom. I usually have my window covered up by a dark blanket to block out any sunlight that comes through. Well, I opened up my bedroom window last night and discovered that when I woke up I had the sun coming through clear in my bedroom. I thought for a split second “Is this heaven?”

Apparently the force from the wind had knocked down the blanket that was blocking out the sunlight. When I woke up I didn’t think about that….oddly enough, that made me think the bright light was heaven. Again, keep in mind that I haven’t seen the sunlight in my bedroom for months. I came to realize that my dark blanket was knocked down.

Anyways, it was nice to see the sunlight this morning! What a nice surprise….highs in the 70’s today! Maybe this is what heaven is like…

-Eric Scott

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