What Is With These Gas Prices in Marquette???

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Wouldn't this be nice to see in Marquette!?! $2.99/gallon.

Wouldn’t this be nice to see in Marquette!?! $2.99/gallon.

6/13/2013 Marquette, Michigan — I’m sick and tired of the oil companies screwing Marquette over with high gas prices! The fluctuations around here in gas prices has been insane. We’re now just below $4.00/gallon at most places around Marquette. Last week, you could find gas prices at $4.18/gallon for regular unleaded around town.

A couple weeks ago when I was in Nashville, TN and Evansville, IN I found gas prices as low as $3.21/gallon! Yes, I’ve heard the rant all too many times that “The distribution costs plays a role on high gas prices in Marquette and the rest of the U.P.” That’s nothing but a bunch of bologna to me!

Folks, it’s greed, plain and clear. I’m sure you’ve heard that all too many times, but it’s true. Why is gas selling for 20 cents less in Houghton/Hancock than Marquette if distribution costs plays a role?!? And I don’t entirely believe it’s due to The Pines in Baraga. Yes, I’m sure it plays a role in lower gas prices across the Keweenaw, but not everyone is going to drive from Houghton to Baraga to save .10 cents/gallon.

To solve this problem, I’ve been biking to and from work most days. I’m going to tell the oil companies to “shove it!”

-Eric Scott

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  1. Why don’t you get the guv to step aside so the tribal gas station can open in Mqt???

    June 17, 2013 at 11:00 am

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