I’m Waiting for Severe Weather… Sound Crazy?!?

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I don't mind severe weather every now and then...hey, I'm only human.

I don’t mind severe weather every now and then…hey, I’m only human.

6/20/2013 Marquette, Michigan — It’s the thrill of severe weather! The early signs of summer. Okay, so I’m not looking for anything damaging of course, but wouldn’t mind a really nice thunderstorm! When I was down in Indiana and Tennessee several weeks ago, I probably went through about 3 thunderstorms, and one of them was quite severe.

I enjoy the thrill of a little severe weather…call me crazy if you’d like! Sometimes I like to live on the wild side, and this is proof. Looking out the window right now as I type this, I see a few very dark clouds rolling over Marquette. I just checked the forecast, and listened to the Weather Eye Forecast on 103-FXD, but didn’t hear anything about a severe thunderstorm.

I’ve been through a few pretty nasty storms over the years in the U.P., and, in fact, about 15 years ago, I went through one of the worst storms of my life down in Gladstone. Trees were knocked over, a few roofs blew off barns…. I don’t like weather that causes damage like that, but I don’t mind a severe thunderstorm every now and then…bring it on!

-Eric Scott

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