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Say no to Cell Phones in public?

Say no to Cell Phones in public?

6/21/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Could you drop your cell phone off and forget about it for an hour or so while having supper? Yes, I could. But could YOU?? That is the question…

This morning I came across an interesting article about how certain restaurants are giving DISCOUNTS to customers who don’t talk on their cell phones while eating in public. Think you could manage? Yes, while a majority of these restaurants appear to be in California, I think this could eventually lead to a national epidemic.

These restaurants that are offering the discounts are asking customers to leave their cell phone near the front before they sit down and have their dinner. This will create a quiet atmosphere for some customers at least….

I could see people (since talking on your cell phone is a habit) start picking up bread, butter, etc. and taking a call….LOL. What do you think about this? Good idea or bad?

-Eric Scott

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