Okay, Now It’s Hot!!

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6/26/2013 Marquette, Michigan — I use that term lightly. When I say it’s hot, I mean, it’s hot! Over the past few days

The beautiful sun shining over the U.P.

The beautiful sun shining over the U.P.

heat has definitely plagued the U.P…. and I ain’t complain’!

On Monday and Tuesday I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Today, I finally wised up and wore khaki shorts to work. I was going to ride my bike into work this morning, but, since I have errands to run afterwards, I decided against it. I guess not coming to work sweaty is a good thing!

This weather feels like I’m in Southern Indiana and Nashville again. Most of the days I was down south nearly a month ago it was hot and sticky. A few days after the official start of summer in the U.P., it looks like it has finally arrived. Currently, it’s 86 degrees and sunny outside! It looks like a gradual cool down over the next couple of days, and then back up in the mid-70’s….ahhhhh!

-Eric Scott

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