Crazy Busy Weekend – Visit to Keweenaw AND Summer Car Cleaning

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Houghton, Michigan from Portage Lift Bridge

View of Houghton from Portage Lift Bridge

7/15/2013 Houghton, Michigan — It was a crazy busy weekend for Eric Scott! First, it started off with a visit to the Keweenaw Peninsula (Houghton/Hancock, mostly) to visit a good friend, spent the evening at one of our favorite restaurants, had a few drinks, watched a couple of movies. The next day, woke up, tried a relatively new restaurant in Hancock (the food was delicious!) went site-seeing, then had to rush back to Marquette. Wow, I think I went over 65 MPH on U.S. 41 on my way back to town.

I spent a majority of my Sunday cleaning out my car (mostly interior) and forgot what a job that is! I’ve had my car for 3 years now, and this is the first time I’ve EVER cleaned the interior. Man, was that a major job. It took me nearly 4 hours to get the entire car cleaned out. I even discovered a few “messes” that I wasn’t aware of underneath my seats and my floor mats. I wasn’t too happy. But, the end result was a clean and happy car. All in all it was a great weekend, and kept myself active.

-Eric Scott

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