Awakened by a Thunder Boomer Rather Than a Alarm Clock

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The Thunder Rolls

The Thunder Rolls

7/19/2013 Marquette, Michigan — On Thursday Thunder awakened me rather than my alarm clock. It’s been a VERY long time since this happened. The most bizarre coincidence is that it happened only minutes from when my alarm clock would’ve went off to wake me up in the first place!

I will say that the thunder boomer that woke me up startled me so much that I literally jumped out of bed! I wasn’t sure what was going on….I thought that was the sound of a gun shot right outside my window!

I figured since it was about time to get up, I midez well turn off the alarm on my alarm clock! That is exactly what I did. I will say that the light show from the lightening was quite impressive! I haven’t seen that much lightening in quite some time.

Were you wakened up by the storm that rolled through Thursday morning in Marquette?

-Eric Scott

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