Texting and Walking? REALLY?

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8/1/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Texting and walking… is it the wave of the future?? How about texting and walking in

Texting and Walking???

Texting and Walking???

the road during drive time?? Well, on my way back to my apartment on Tuesday night, a gentleman was standing in the middle of the road texting and walking at the same time. What I thought was particularly odd was that the individual DID NOT MOVE when I ended up right behind him with my car. It literally took about 15 seconds for the gentleman to turn his head and realize that I was there!

FINALLY, the gentleman did move. But seriously, is this the wave of the future? This isn’t the first time that I seen this happen before my eyes. It’s particularly terrible in the big cities. This might not be a very big deal to you, but when someone is standing in the road, directly in front of a moving vehicle and texting while not paying attention to what is going on in their surroundings is a serious problem.

Has this ever happened to you before? I mean, had I not been paying attention to the road I could’ve easily hit this individual.

-Eric Scott

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