Keith Urban Reveals Latest Track Listing

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Country Radio's Keith Urban

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8/12/2013 Marquette, MichiganKeith Urban‘s next album, ‘Fuse,’ won’t hit shelves until Sept. 10th, but fans now know what songs will be on the new CD. The singer, who already revealed the record’s cover art using hashtags, shared the titles of the 13-track project, which includes collaborations with both Miranda Lambert and Eric Church.

Urban, who called on several different producers to record ‘Fuse,’ including pop producer Butch Walker, says he is proud of the finished product. “It’s been incredibly liberating, creatively, for me,” he tells USA Today. “I don’t know why that is, because I’ve always been fortunate enough to make the records I want to make. I think just working with other people has just been a really enjoyable thing.”

Lisa Ravioli, wherever you may be, I know you’re going to LOVE this!

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