Was That a Tornado Last Night?

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Nasty storm rolled through Marquette and woke me up last night

Nasty storm rolled through Marquette and woke me up last night

8/26/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Okay, so it wasn’t. But after waking up to VERY high winds, cloud to ground lightening, and, heavy down pours I began to wonder what was really happening. Have you ever been awakened to your box fan literally falling out of your window? That’s what was happening to me last night.

That’s the reason why I thought a Tornado was blowing through Marquette. My immediate reaction was to possibly take cover in an interior part of my apartment (not kidding!)

The windows in my apartment face the West. The wind was blowing to the west so naturally all the rain was coming into my apartment. Wow, that was quite a storm! I stayed up for a little while wondering how long it was going to stick around and when it was going to blow over.

Were you awakened by the storm last night? If so, I’d love to hear if you had the same, or nearly the same experience as I did last night!

-Eric Scott

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