Alan Jackson’s Daughter Caught Drinking and Driving Under 21 in Nashville

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Alan Jackson's Daughter *Photo Courtesy*

Alan Jackson’s Daughter *Photo Courtesy*

9/3/2013 Marquette, Michigan — The daughter of country legend Alan Jackson was arrested in Nashville early Wednesday morning last week (Aug. 28th). Police took 20-year-old Alexandra Jane Jackson into custody after she got into an altercation with an officer during a routine traffic stop.

Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper reports that Jackson was a passenger in a Range Rover that was pulled over for speeding and tailgating near downtown Nashville. According to her arrest warrant, police quickly determined that Jackson had “consumed a large amount of alcohol.”

While an officer was questioning the driver, police say Jackson got out of the vehicle and started making angry demands. According to police, Jackson first raised her hands in a threatening manner, then struck the officer in the chest and ran to the car to try to get away.

When she was told that she was going to be arrested, she reportedly brought up her father’s name, saying he would “do anything I wanted him to do” to get her out of trouble. She reportedly resisted further while the officer tried to handcuff her.

The arresting officer said that Jackson smelled of alcohol and was slurring her words. She told police that she had consumed three drinks.

Jackson was arrested and charged with consuming alcohol under 21, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. She made bail shortly before 5AM. She is due to appear in General Sessions Court on Sept. 23.

Her older sister, Mattie Denise Jackson, was arrested for DUI in 2012 in Nashville. She was convicted of misdemeanor reckless driving.

-Eric Scott

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