Just What Is a Doughnut Burger?!?….

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Lisa Ravioli's very own Doughnut Burger--wow, have you ever seen so much beauty!?!?

Lisa Ravioli’s very own Doughnut Burger–wow, have you ever seen so much beauty!?!?

10/17/2013 Marquette, Michigan — As you have heard, Lisa Ravioli was on vacation this past weekend and into Monday enjoying the deep south–or should I say indulging a Doughnut Burger in South Carolina! On Tuesday, when Lisa returned from her 4-day-vacation in South Carolina, she filled us in on a taste of Heaven that she had while in Greenville, SC. This yummy taste of heaven (which I have yet to try) is called a Doughnut Burger. Now, I have ventured out of the U.P. many times, but have never heard of a Doughnut Burger. Just what is this Doughnut Burger you may ask!?!

A doughnut burger, is a hamburger or cheeseburger with one or more glazed doughnuts in place of the bun. These sandwiches have a disputed origin, and tend to run between approximately 800 and 1,500 calories.

Okay Lisa Ravioli, next time be sure to share some with me!

-Eric Scott

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