Car Problems? I Got ‘Em

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I don't like flat tires in the cold and rain.

I don’t like flat tires in the cold and rain.

10/22/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Have you ever had a blow out while you were driving?? Last week when I left work I had a tire blow out on my car. That was an experience, but that’s not even the half of it….

It was dark, cold, and rainy when this happened. Surprisingly, I didn’t even know it had happened until I looked at my tire! Luckily, I was only going 25 MPH when it happened on a back road and NOT 65 MPH on the highway (hey, it’s okay to go slightly over the speed limit). I figured the reason why I didn’t know my tire blew out was because I was jammin’ to 103-FXD! Gotta love that great country music on my favorite station…. even when your tire blows out.

Anyways, to top that off, I had to change my tire and put on my spare tire in the cold and rain. FUN FUN! I also found out that I have 2 rear brakes that are shot and 2 calipers that are in need of replacement. Anyone want to pay my $750 bill for me?? I’d be a fool for not asking…

-Eric Scott

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