A Dash of Winter for the U.P.??? Read It and Weep…

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Are you ready for this? The first Winter Storm of 2013 in the U.P.

Are you ready for this? The first Winter Storm of 2013 in the U.P.

11/5/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Could this be?? Could this be?? I was listening to 103-FXD this morning and the meteorologists from weather eye said “A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for our listening area.” I immediately thought of the first storm in 2012. Do you remember that?

The first storm in 2012 was December of last year. Do you remember that? It was in mid-December where we received nearly a foot of snow at once. Now, I’m not saying the storm tonight will be quite as serious. BUT, it does look like places in the higher terrain (Ishpeming, Negaunee, Champion, etc.) could see upwards of 6″ of snow between tonight and tomorrow. It looks like this will be the wet heavy stuff too…

This is actually the information I pulled from the National Weather Service….read it and weep…

Storm total snowfall of 2 to 6 inches can be expected over
higher terrain locations mainly west of line from Negaunee
and Gwinn before the snow ends midday Wednesday. The greatest
snow accumulation will be from Witch Lake through Champion to
areas just south of Big Bay. Precipitation will stay mainly
in the form of rain along and east of a line from Gwinn to
Marquette… and along the Lake Superior shoreline where
little if any snow accumulation is expected.

-Eric Scott

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