Parking Bans Can Be Costly… for Good Reason

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These Parking Tickets can be ugly at 3am in the morning.

These Parking Tickets can be ugly at 3am in the morning.

11/13/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Last winter at this time I received a special gift on my windshield early in the morning. It was a ticket for parking in the street at 3am in the morning. It was my own fault–I should’ve known better. I simply forgot that I left my vehicle on the street.

This brings up the Parking Ban reminder for you. Don’t get caught with your pants down like I did. My ticket was $50.00. Like a good citizen that I am, I paid my ticket and life moved on. The parking ban has already went into affect across many cities in the region.

Usually, for most towns the parking ban is in effect from 1am to 6am. However, when a city actually reinforces that parking ban can vary. Some cities will wait till the first “big storm” to reinforce the ban. Either way, be careful. You don’t want an early Christmas present.

-Eric Scott

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