Thanksgiving in Upper Michigan Can Be Stressful…. REALLY??

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Thanksgiving in Upper Michigan

Thanksgiving in Upper Michigan

11/22/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Lisa Ravioli and I have been talking about Thanksgiving this week on 103-FXD in Marquette, Michigan. To my surprise, Lisa is not as stressed out as I am about Thanksgiving. REALLY!?! I was totally blown away that a female is not stressed out about Thanksgiving but a male is?

Why I am stressed out about Thanksgiving you might ask? Think about it, Thanksgiving in Upper Michigan is the start of Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving I feel as if I HAVE TO go out and start shopping. Generally, I usually do. I’m not one to hit the stores at 3am on Black Friday morning, but I do search for the best bargains.

As for Thanksgiving however, I will be spending it with my parents and siblings… and my nephew too! We’re planning on having a pot roast for Thanksgiving. I’m not doing the cooking…. so I guess you could say that would be a stress reliever?! 🙂

-Eric Scott

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