Do Dating Websites Really Work? Let Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli Decide…

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Online Dating...does it work?

Online Dating…does it work?

12/10/2013 Marquette, Michigan — Lisa Ravioli and Eric Scott will talk about dating websites, our own personal experiences with them, and if they really get results.

Personally, I’ve used about 8 dating websites in the past 3-4 years. As far as finding my ideal match through “chemistry” I’d have to say no, I haven’t seen the results. But, on the other hand, I’ve used both the free dating websites and the paid dating websites.

Lisa Ravioli, on the other hand, has actually stuck to the dating websites that require a payment. Has Lisa seen better results than I have? We’ll talk more throughout the week and go in-depth this Friday, December 13th in the 4pm hour about online dating.

I do have a couple friends that actually met their soul mates on a dating website. So, they do work. How much time does it require?

Be listening to the FXD Drive with Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli and we’ll talk about our personal experiences with online dating. This is going to be WILD!

-Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli

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