Second Week of Dating Advice on Free Advice Friday with Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD

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Online Dating...does it work?

Online Dating…does it work?

12/19/2013 Marquette, Michigan — It’s the second week of dating advice on Free Advice Friday, tomorrow with Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD!

Make sure to tune in to the FXD Drive in the 4pm hour on Friday as Eric and Lisa will open up and talk about their personal experiences with online dating. Lisa and Eric have both had some very interesting experiences with online dating. We’ll also talk about what we’re looking for on Free Advice Friday.

Like last Friday, it’s going to get very interesting. Lisa Ravioli has personally met over 10 guys from online dating. Some of these dates didn’t end so well, according to Lisa….

Lisa Ravioli believes that you should NEVER bring a friend with you on your first date. What if you’re more attracted to the friend than the actual person that you’re going on a date with? That date might not end so well.

Lisa Ravioli and Eric Scott will also talk about people who take pictures of their children, friends, etc. and place them in their own personal online dating profile. Again, do you think this is a good idea or bad idea?

Eric Scott and Lisa Ravioli will talk about it all on Free Advice Friday, tomorrow in the 4pm hour during the FXD Drive with Eric Scott and Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD! Before you create your own online dating profile, take the advice of Eric Scott and Lisa Ravioli….

-Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli

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