My Fingers Nearly Froze in Upper Michigan During This Arctic Blast

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1/6/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Watch out if you plan on pumping gas in Upper Michigan…. especially over these

Those are some cold fingers in Upper Michigan

Those are some cold fingers in Upper Michigan

next few days. When I purchased gas recently in Marquette, Michigan, I literally thought my hands and fingers had froze off. If you plan on pumping gas (it’s a no brainer) wear several layers of clothing. Don’t be like Eric Scott and stand out in the cold with no gloves to shield your hands in this frigid weather!

As a matter of fact, it took about 15 minutes AFTER I had warmed my hands that I started to get feeling back into my fingers again. When I walked into the gas station where I had purchased gas, I couldn’t feel my credit card or my wallet… now that was a strange feeling.

It’s going to get even colder over Upper Michigan on Tuesday, January 7th. It’s going to be gusty tonight and into Tuesday. Look for wind chills in Upper Michigan 30 to 50 BELOW zero tonight and into Tuesday! WOW…

Better yet, you might want to wait until Wednesday if you can to purchase gas….

Stay tuned for School closings and cancellations in Upper Michigan for Tuesday from the Great Lakes Radio News Department with Walt Lindala.

-Eric Scott

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