It’s Ice Cold When You’re Bald….Brrrrrr

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I think I could get used to this bald head... or could I?

I think I could get used to this bald head… or could I?

2/24/2014 Marquette, Michigan — On Sunday, I didn’t decide to shave my head….bald. That’s right, after about 6 months with a full head of hair, Sunday I decided to shave it ALL off. It’s very strange. The worst part of all this? It was an accident; I didn’t originally intend to shave off all of my hair.

It began on Sunday evening when I wanted to give myself a crew cut. That’s didn’t start off so well. The attachment (guard) that I was using decided to come off the clippers midway through my haircut. That’s why I suddenly decided to shave my entire head bald. Otherwise, I would’ve ended up with a mullet! That’s wouldn’t have looked so well.

I’ve been giving myself haircuts for at least 15 years now, and that’s never happened before. It’s unfortunate, as I didn’t originally intend for this to happen. I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I would’ve looked completely goofy if I would’ve left half my head of hair, otherwise go completely bald. OR maybe I could start a new trend??

Either way, I guess it didn’t turn out so bad. After all, if you give me 5 minutes I could grow it all back anyway… I’m Italian!

-Eric Scott


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