Dem Gigantic Potholes Threw My Car Outta Whack – And That Ain’t Jack

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This pothole is saying "Hi, I wanna throw your car outta alignment--if you don't avoid me!"

This pothole is saying “Hi, I wanna throw your car outta alignment–if you don’t avoid me!”

3/20/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Look out, if you drive into a pothole by accident, you could throw your car completely outta whack–just like I did! But it’s HARD to avoid a pothole; no matter where you go and where you drive, they’re right there ready to greet you with a giant bill!

Several days ago I was driving down the side street that I live on in Ishpeming, Michigan. It was close to 40 degrees so I would’ve been better off just taking a boat and rowing down the street rather than driving on it! The street was completely covered with water, so naturally it was impossible to see where the potholes were underneath all that water. A word of advice: try and avoid driving close to the shoulder on the highway, that’s where the potholes seem to be at their worse.

Pothole City did a number on my car! It’s out of alignment; whenever I drive over a small crack OR pothole on the highway, I hear loud bangs. The car rattles, it shakes, and it feels like I’m driving a bumper car at the U.P. State Fair! What a mess….. look out for dem potholes!

-Eric Scott

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