Have You Heard? Baby Showers are for Men Too

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Eric Scott's very first Baby Shower

Eric Scott’s very first Baby Shower

3/31/2014 Negaunee, Michigan — This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my very first Baby Shower. I have to hand it to the folks that pulled the entire Baby Shower off on Saturday….. they did a fantastic job. From the delicious dinner to the owl shaped cupcakes, all the way down to the pretzel sticks covered in white chocolate, there wasn’t anything that the crowd didn’t enjoy!

The gifts for my friends’ baby were piled high on the table as I walked into the room where the Baby Shower was being held. My friend and his wife had an excellent time at their Baby Shower.

I will admit that it turned out a lot better than I thought. They had fun ‘n’ games too. One of the games that we played during the Baby Shower was a game involving unscrambling words related to a baby. They also had another game where you had to guess the size of the mother’s tummy. I was pretty close, but didn’t quite win on that one! It wasn’t too easy.

It was also great just talking with folks I haven’t seen in quite some time, too. It’s odd when your close friends start having children… buy hey, I know I’ll never turn down a Baby Shower. I wasn’t the ONLY male there, either.

-Eric Scott

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