The Pringles Combo As Created by Lisa Ravioli

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The Pringles Combo--As Created by Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD

The Pringles Combo–As Created by Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD

4/8/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Lisa Ravioli and I discussed the possibility of a new creation–the Pringles Combo–courtesy of Pringles Chips! On Monday you heard Lisa Ravioli and myself discuss how GREAT Lisa’s creation of Cheddar Cheese and Original Pringles mixed together really was!

I really enjoyed the combo! Thanks to Jazz, Lisa’s daughter for giving Lisa the idea of the Pringles Combo. You wouldn’t think something this simple would be so good…. but it was.

Today in the 4pm hour, Lisa and myself will continue our Pringles Combo discussion. You’ll be very intrigued about the name that Lisa has appropriately picked for the Pringles Combo–The Jazz Combo!

We’ll have a few surprises this week and make a couple phone calls to Pringles Customer Service to see what they have to say about Lisa’s new creation. This could get pretty interesting!

Stay tuned to the FXD Drive with Eric Scott and Lisa Ravioli in the 4pm hour all this week on 103-FXD!

-Eric Scott & Lisa Ravioli

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