It Was a ‘Buggy’ Easter for My Nephew

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My nephew Landyn is fascinated by bugs! Wonder why...

My nephew Landyn is fascinated by bugs! Wonder why…

4/21/2014 Marquette, Michigan — My nephew Landyn celebrated Easter Sunday in a very ‘buggy’ kind of way! You see, my nephew enjoys bugs. He loves seeing spiders, flies, and even worms making their way through the grass, on the deck, or even in the living room (in this case flies and spiders!)

So, my nephew celebrated Easter by searching for plastic eggs the Easter Bunny hid throughout the house on Sunday. What were most of those eggs filled with? Plastic life-like bugs of course! I’ve never seen a 3-year-old so obsessed with bugs before. Usually, younger children find different kinds of bugs just gross or “icky” but my nephew is an exception.

Nevertheless, my family and I had a great Easter Sunday! We celebrated together with a delicious ham from in Ishpeming! YUMMY..

What did you end up doing for Easter Sunday?!? I’ll talk more about how my Easter weekend turned out during the FXD Drive with Eric Scott and Lisa Ravioli on 103-FXD! I’m really curious to see what kind of Easter Lisa had…

-Eric Scott

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