“Sunny and 75” in Iron Mountain for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day in Iron Mountain, Michigan was "Sunny and 75"

Mother’s Day in Iron Mountain, Michigan was “Sunny and 75”

5/12/2014 Iron Mountain, Michigan — This past weekend was one I won’t forget. I don’t think my Mom will forget it either with Mother’s Day and all. My Mom said “this was the best Mother’s Day that I’ve had in years!” That alone was worth making Mother’s Day very special.

With the wonderful weather this past weekend…. I ended up doing some projects outdoors with my parents. From cleaning up all the leaves and the flower beds to babysitting my nephew outdoors… it was a weekend I soon won’t forget! Speaking of my nephew Landyn; this weekend he learned how to ride a bike for the very first time. He’s already a pro…. I’m amazed by how fast he peddles down the road…. without a care in the world.

This Mother’s Day was one that I won’t soon forget. OR I should say my Mom won’t soon forget. The entire family packed in the car (my sister, brother, mother, father and nephew) and traveled down to Iron Mountain to some of my Mom’s favorite shops and a couple of restaurants. The weather in Iron Mountain was Sunny and 75…. as  in the Joe Nichols tune.

The entire family agreed that this weekend kicked off our start to Summer 2014. Now if only this week’s weather would cooperate like this past weekend.

-Eric Scott

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