My Nephew Landyn Loves Playing with Spiders

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My Nephew Landyn loves spiders! Hard to believe...  *Photo Courtesy Heidi Jaykka*

My Nephew Landyn loves spiders! Hard to believe…
*Photo Courtesy Heidi Jaykka*

5/29/2014 Marquette, Michigan — My nephew is the complete opposite of my sister… he absolutely loves playing with live spiders. Yesterday, when he came to visit, he walked up to me holding a gigantic spider. It was one of those “Life like” spiders. It felt real, it looked real, and it almost crawled for real.

When I asked him where he got it from he said “Grandma”. Apparently, he was a good boy and went potty on the toilet. He was rewarded with a “Life like” spider. My sister absolutely hates spiders and she thinks they are beyond disgusting. My nephew (her son) was throwing the spider in her hair, at her face, and my nephew couldn’t stop giggling! I thought it was one of the cutest things…

So, will my nephew grow up and have a fascination with spiders? Personally, spiders don’t bother me unless they’re gigantic. I know my sister is hoping that this is just a “spider phase” and that my nephew Landyn will eventually grow out of this phase…

-Eric Scott

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