The Mosquitoes are Buzzin’ Bright and Early in the Morning

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Say NO to the Mosquito

Say NO to the Mosquito

6/6/2014 Ishpeming, Michigan — What did I awake to this morning? A dirty filthy mosquito and another dirty filthy mosquito buzzin’ in my ear. On top of that, the mosquitoes bit me on my arm, my leg and on my neck. They’re everywhere this year and no matter where you go it seems like you can’t escape the pesky things.

When you’re asleep these vampires could suck all the blood out of you. Well, not really. A few mosquitoes won’t cause harm, but once you step outside on a warm Upper Peninsula evening be sure to watch your back (and your arm) as there is no stopping these bugs.

So, make sure you keep your doors closed at night and make sure you have a small enough screen in your window so these pesky bugs can’t get through. So far, this has been one of the worst years on record for mosquitoes. There’s no getting away from them!

So what do you use to repel mosquitoes? I try and keep bug spray close by me, especially when out and about in the evening…

-Eric Scott

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