Are CD’s a Thing of the Past??

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Are CD's a Thing of the Past?? Turns out they're not.

Are CD’s a Thing of the Past?? Turns out they’re not.

12/10/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Recently my brother and I got into an argument about CD’s. We argue about a lot of things because we agree to disagree, especially when it comes to politics, lol. That’s a topic for another discussion. Back to the CD’s…. my brother told me a couple days ago that he went out and spent close to $20 on a new CD from an online retailer. I told my brother “Are you crazy, why would you spend almost twenty bucks on a CD these days!?!” He proceeded to tell me he would much rather BUY a CD than actually download music somewhere online. I then told him I didn’t even know NEW CD’s were being sold anymore. I was being completely serious.

The last time I went out and bought a CD was probably over 10 years ago. I’m either listening to terrestrial radio (103-FXD all the way, baby!) OR listening to radio stations from across the Country online. I’ve never been a huge CD buff… I work in the music industry but CD’s don’t really appeal to me. I guess I’m so out of touch when it comes to CD’s that I had no idea you could actually purchase them new online OR in the store anymore.

Personally, I prefer the flip of a switch on my car radio and listen to my favorite GLR stations…. we rule the dial!

The Gift 106.1
Fox Sports Marquette 105.1/99.9
103-FXD – New Hit Country
Sunny.FM 101.9 – Hot Adult Contemporary
98.3 WRUP – Real Classic Rock
97.5 GTO – Good Time Oldies
92.7 WRUP – Real Classic Rock
1400 GTO – Good Time Oldies

Yeah, we’re everywhere you are! Forget about CD’s, bro!

-Eric Scott

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