My Nephew Is a Tax Child.. Born on Tax Day

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My nephew Landyn turns 4 today. Happy Birthday!

My nephew Landyn turns 4 today. Happy Birthday!

4/15/2015 Marquette, Michigan — You may have figured out that my nephew was born on Tax Day! That’s right, my sweet little nephew turns 4 years old today. My family and I joked around when he was born back on April 15th, 2011 that he’s a ‘Tax Baby’ so there’s at least something to look forward to on Tax Day in my family.

There’s plenty of celebrations going on over the next couple of days for my nephew. My family and I, along with my sister and nephew will be celebrating birthday #1 tonight. Word is that my nephew’s going to be doing some shopping beforehand tonight and then picking out his very own pet fish. Oh to be 4 years old again!

Then tomorrow (Thursday, April 16th) we’re going to continue the celebrations with another party. I’m also going to be doing my last minute birthday shopping tonight for my nephew. Talk about procrastination… his birthday is today and I’m going birthday shopping on the same day.

Happy Birthday Landyn!

-Uncle Eric aka Eric Scott

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