The Snow’s Slowly Fading Away in the Keweenaw

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Hancock, MichiganApril 4th, 2017 – A weekend trip to the Copper Country was well spent after enjoying a couple delicious dishes at local restaurants and watching the snow slowly fade away. I headed to Hancock on Friday night and stayed through Sunday.

That was one HUGE burrito! It took me about 30 minutes to put it down.

That was one HUGE burrito! It took me about 30 minutes to put it down.

It was in the low 50’s all weekend. I figured the timing couldn’t be better for a drive up north. My friend and I stopped at a few local restaurants throughout the weekend. On Friday night the local establishment we stopped at served up some large portions! Probably the biggest burrito I’ve ever had! The weather was beautiful on Saturday — I decided to get out and take in some sunshine. I took a walk through downtown Hancock. The town was hopping as locals were out in full force enjoying the weather.

On Sunday my buddy and I stopped at another local restaurant. This time it was on the other side of the Portage Lift Bridge in Houghton. Besides a few very high snow banks from snow plowing, most of the snow was gone. In fact, I noticed that the grass was green in a few spots. Portage River only had some patches of ice left over from winter. We wrapped up the weekend by watching The Walking Dead season finale… which was well worth the wait.

A weekend well spent? Yep!

-Eric Scott “Mornings on 103-FXD”