Chewing Gum Again

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Gotta love that gum.

Gotta love that gum.

Marquette, MichiganMay 2nd, 2018 – Remember when your teacher told you not to chew gum in class? Well, oddly enough, those were the last days that I chewed gum. In fact, it almost seems like I forgot what gum was and how to chew it. 2002 was the year I last chewed gum. For real!

Recently I’ve been experiencing headaches. Those dull, annoying headaches. Pressure and tension in my neck has been severe lately. After doing some investigating on Youtube and doing the good ol’ doctor Google search (which I don’t recommend) I read a few articles that said chewing gum is both beneficial for headaches and neck tension. Weird, right? Apparently it takes your mind off of… well, your mind!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been chewing gum. Coincidentally, my headaches have been fading away. It could all be a coincidence OR maybe the warmer weather is making me feel better. My breath smells better too….

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