Sunset Machine on Local Artist Show 07/20/11

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Ishpeming, MIJuly 20th, 2011

Tony Parlato, Matt Brintlinger, Joe Secreast

Sunset Machine

Host George Knight of the Local Artist Show brought in Sunset Machine tonight to crank great tunes out across the airwaves of the Upper Peninsula. Joe Secreast sang great songs and strummed along on the acoustic, Tony Parlato accompanied the music with an innovative lead guitar part and Matt Brintlinger strung it all together on bass guitar.
Local Artist Show Host George Knight with Sunset Machine

Tony Parlato, Matt Brintlinger, Joe Secreast and George Knight

Great original songs highlighted their set, including “Probably Ten”, “Mood Ring”, “Fly”, “Bleed Light” and “The Devil’s a Mechanic”. They also tore up the scene with great covers of “Champagne Illinois” and “New Madrid”. The crowd certainly enjoyed it and as George mentioned on air, there were ladies relaxing out on the lake that were enjoying it also!
If you didn’t get a chance to hear the show tonight, you can always listen to the rebroadcast Sunday at 6pm on 103.3 WFXD The Country Extreme or click HERE to listen to the archive of the show from the archive section of the Local Artist Show.
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Tune in next week as the first guest ever on the Local Artist Show returns! Micheal Paquette will be live out of Ishpeming next Wednesday at 6pm on 103.3 WFXD and you can always stream it live or check back for the post-show recap and the archive.

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  1. Last night’s show was filled with intense energy, The Sunset Machine came to make their musical statement and did so, no question! Joe delivered passionate vocals, coupled with energized acoustic playing. Matt is a talented bass player that holds the song’s foundation solid, interspersed with tasteful runs.Tony’s playing was stellar; using no added pedal effects, he worked over his Strat creating captivating lead work that musically colored the group’s original material masterfully. One of my particular favorites, Bleed Light, had a jazz fusion type favor that had a hint of the late Tommy Bolin but all personalized by Tony’s musicianship. The Sunset Machine is worth following locally!!!!

    July 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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