Sports are Dumb

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Before the game on Sunday

Marquette, MichgianJanuary 17, 2016 – If you happened to check it out back in October, I wrote a blog post about my visit to Lambeau Field for the Cowboys vs Packers game.  It was a great time with good friends, and the Cowboys won.

So when the Packers defeated the Giants in the Wild Card round, and I knew they were going to be playing Dallas, I was excited.  I knew it was going to be a game surrounded by more hype than a normal Divisional Round game because the Cowboys and Packers are two very polarizing teams.


A vast majority of my friends and family are Packers fans.  So of course, the week leading up to Sunday was riddled with friendly banter.  This made me build more and more hype for the game myself.

Sunday finally came, and I couldn’t wait to throw my Cowboys gear on and get mentally prepared for the game.  I was in Detroit visiting my sister, and the auto show had just opened up to the public, and we decided to go.

I wore my white #88 Dez Bryant jersey and Cowboys hat to the show. At one point a father, wearing a Demarcus Ware Cowboys jersey came up to me and invited me to banter at his son, who was wearing an Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey and Packers winter hat.

This, of course, got me even more excited for the game.

Then the time finally came. My parents and sisters went to my cousins for the game, whose house was full of Packers fans, so I refused to tag along. I stayed at my sisters to watch the game by myself (which I probably should all games because sports make me insane).


After the game on Sunday

If you missed the game, I will spare you on the details.  But it was a crushing defeat for the Cowboys.  Aaron Rodgers ripped my heart out of my chest.  I didn’t sit down the entire fourth quarter of the game, but when Mason Crosby’s last-second field goal went through the uprights, I plopped on the couch as if my legs had failed me. I was devastated.

The lesson, as always, sports are dumb.