19-Year Old Wins Lottery Twice in One Week

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On_the_Job_lottoMarquette, MIJuly 10, 2017 – If I had any luck at all, it would be bad luck. The exact opposite can be said for 19-year old Rosa Dominguez of Northern California.

Dominguez was driving home from Arizona one day and decided to purchase a Power 5 ticket when she stopped for gas. She proceeded to win $555,555 from that ticket. A couple of days later, she decided to try her luck again. I mean, when you just won over half a million dollars, what’s another $5? Well, it turned out to be a good move as this time Dominguez won $100,000. (You can read the full article here)

That’s a pretty good haul in one week!

I have bought more than a few lottery tickets since I turned 18, looking to hit it big. I haven’t won so much as $20, let alone over a half a million. I have to admit, I do feel some envy toward Ms. Dominguez. But good for her. She should enjoy all the good things that have come her way. But I will still be salty until I too hit it big.

Some people just have all the luck.