Clever Marketing Almost Tricks Me

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LukeG_OntheJob_Free_Beer_SignMarquette, MIJuly 24, 2017 – Last week I made a trip down to Washington street to pick up a new pair of glasses I had waiting. I was parked on the upper part of the parking garage and had to make my way back up to the garage.

As I was crossing the street, there was a sign outside one of the restaurants that caught my eye. In big, white letters against a solid black backdrop read “FREE BEER”. Being an inquiring mind, I decided to walk a bit closer to see what the catch was. Surely free beer wasn’t really being given away (against my deepest wishes).

I was correct in that the establishment was not serving free beer. That would be ridiculous, albeit awesome. But the sign was still very clever. Next to the giant white letters were words in pink in a much smaller font. After to “FREE” read “wifi” and before “BEER” read “great”.

While I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t going to be able to waltz in and grab a free pint, I must tip my cap to the master marketer that decided to go with that sign.