Celebrating Promotions with Steak

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Celebration calls for the best cut of steak!

Marquette, MIApril 3, 2019 – Yesterday afternoon my girlfriend received excellent news. She was offered a promotion to become a supervisor at her place of employment.

So of course we had to celebrate! Picked up a couple of Filet Mignons, some green beans and whipped up some mashed red potatoes. And since it was too cold to light the grill outside, a great way to cook a steak indoor with with a cast iron skillet.

I got my cast iron nice and hot, and threw the marinated steaks on the cast iron on the burner for two minutes each side for a nice sear. I then transferred the cast iron into the oven with the broil level set on high, for 3 minutes each side.

The result was a perfectly cooked, flavorful, tender Filet Mignon. What a celebration it was!

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