Controversy at the Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby had a 145 year first on Saturday

Marquette, MIMay 6, 2019 – I love Derby Day. Going to Churchill Downs on the first weekend in May is one of the top items on my bucket list.

This Saturday was no different. I watched a bunch of coverage leading up to Race 12 on Saturday. Since Ocean Beach got scratched earlier in the week, it felt like this race was way up in the air.

Was it ever.

Maximum Security, a 9/2 or even 4/1 favorite depending on where you got your odds, crossed the finish line first, followed by Country House, a 64/1 longshot. After the race, I was a bit confused as to what was going on. NBC was showing replays in slow motion with a red box in the corner that read “objection.”

I am not a huge horse racing guy. I don’t really know the ins and outs and had no idea there were technically “lanes” on the race track after the horses get out of the starting gate. As soon as the horses get out of the starting gate, most push toward the post looking for the inside-track.

So when the decision was announced, for the first time in Derby history, Maximum Security was DQ’d and Country House was the winner, it left a small void. This Derby did not live up to the 144 that preceded it. It felt like a cheap win, and the best horse was disqualified.

Here’s to hoping there is no controversy in one of the best sporting events of the year, next year.

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