A Rough Start To the Day

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I was not pleased to see my coffee spilled all over the sidewalk

Marquette, MIMay 10, 2019 – Today I woke up excited. It’s Friday. The weekend is almost here. The birds were chirping this morning, it was fairly warm.

I got all my stuff together, packed my breakfast and lunch, coffee in my YETI. I was ready to have a good Friday.

And then it came undone. As I was walking in this morning, the door hit my thermos out of my hand and my coffee spilled everywhere on the sidewalk. If you drink coffee every day, you know what your mood is like before you’ve had your coffee. I was not happy.

I almost chalked the day up as an “L” and just went home. But Walt Lindala made some more coffee (after he drank it all) and I was able to get my coffee fix.

After a rough start, it’s been a better Friday.

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