10 Ways to Get Along With Your Ex

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Get Along Better With Your Ex

Get Along Better With Your Ex

Marquette, MI  –  June 18, 2014  – Happy Hump Day! On 103FXD’s The Sara Cera Show, Sara Cera has focused this midweek celebration on what comes to all of our minds…RELATIONSHIPS. Okay, maybe not all of our minds… but definitely ours. Today we discussed our take on the Top 10 Tips for getting along better with your Ex featured in Psychology Today.

Although getting along with your Ex can be extremely difficult, it is in the best interest of others for us to make the effort to do so. I cannot stand to hear someone putting down their previous partner, as it makes me extremely uncomfortable as the listener. This is true for me whether the former other half is present or not. Let’s face it, we all have the right to vent- but choose when and where you exercise that right as a favor to yourself and others.

Although I agree with almost each of these tips 100%- I have attempted to use one that has actually backfired on me more than once. Number 4: Use Soothing Words and Tones.

Typically, a person would benefit from using soothing words and tones- but not this chick! Somehow… in my sincere attempts at amicable, this has failed me every time. “How?” you ask…. Well, the response I have generated has sounded like this, “Why are you all calm and cool… really? Quit being so CONDESCENDING!” I am sure that this one works for 99% of people in the world, but a word of caution to those that may not use that soothing tone on a regular  basis. It often appears to be patronizing to the Ex, at least in my experience.


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